Figure Head of the Silver Ladder


Charismatic, driven, and uncompromising Raidien didn’t earn his role as Hierarch of the New York Concillium through meek action. Raiden and his cabal, the Azure Crown, wield great influence throughout the supernal community. First gaining notoriety for his prowess in battle against the abyssal hordes this obrimos truly became a thing of legend when he single-handedly, and against consillium orders, dismantled a full cabal of Seers of the Throne in New York.

After becoming a public figure Raiden dedicated himself fully to the cause of uniting the mage world. He is considered the chief architect of our framework government as well as the most powerful Forces mage alive.

It is said that in annals of the Golden Key Raiden’s name burns brightest.


Climbed his way from foot soilder to founder of the Azure Crown to Hierarch of New York City.


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